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Catuals B.V.

Catuals Organic Litter Box Deodorizer Cotton Fresh

Catuals Organic Litter Box Deodorizer Cotton Fresh

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Fresh, airy and flowery!

Above are a number of properties of Cotton Fresh.

Scientists claim that the Egyptians already had cotton available about 12,000 years before Christ, perhaps that is why we experience the smell of fresh laundry as pleasant, perhaps ingrained from time immemorial! Nowadays, cotton is of course an indispensable part of our daily life. Now combine this even further and experience Cotton Fresh.

Catuals premium scent granules are specially designed, with the aim of tastefully marking the scent from your litter box. It is a unique, refreshing product that easily removes the odor nuisance. It is also harmless to humans and animals. The solution against a smelly litter box.


- Available in the scents: Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Cotton Fresh & Baby Care
- Change the litter box less often
- Harmless to humans and animals
- Longer usage time compared to alternative odor removers

Sufficient for 5 weeks (2 times more efficient in use than the alternatives)

Odor nuisance from your litter box is a thing of the past!


100% Organic, Vegan, maximum hygiene, high absorbency and easy maintenance.

Pregnant women are advised not to change the bowl, because of the risk of toxoplasmosis from the feces of the cats. This product does not contain any harmful substances for humans and animals. It does not stick to the cat's paws.

Add the granules by spreading a little dose over the cat litter. For maximum results, make sure to do this after scooping the feces into the litter box.

Do not flush the cat litter with the granules down the toilet. Not suitable for organic waste, deposit in the normal gray trash can.

Catuals naturally neutralizes bad odors and guarantees a hygienic and environment for your cat.

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