Cats Nature, Nature's Best

Keep our slogan in mind! Catuals want to create a green, safe and wellbeing environment for every animal!

To achieve our goals, we work with the best natural ingredients on the market. No additional chemicals or additives are added in our whole product range, just love from nature.

Natures safest, greenest and cats know the ingredients from basic instinct. No rejections, let the nature do its thing!

Catuals is and stays 100% organic in the future. Turn green, buy Catuals!

Catuals® Sweet Orange

Catuals® Baby Care

Catuals® Rosemary

Catuals® Cotton Fresh

Thé Catuals Organic Litter Box Deodorizer provides extra hygiene in the litter box!

Catuals, manufacturer of sustainable Pet Supplies

All products are manufactured in the Netherlands, All organic and provided with the most sustainable packaging possible. Production also takes place with a climate-neutral production process. Thanks to Catuals, the grit stays fresher for longer and the litter box needs to be changed less often.