About us

Catuals is a young dynamic company that focuses on an optimal living environment for humans and animals! Partly because of our own experiences in the field of hygiene / (odor nuisance) we went looking for the ideal solution. As a result, Catuals has developed a number of specific fragrances with always a view to expansion. Always check our website for our current offer.

All our fragrances contain a unique formula, so we strive to produce the Catuals fragrance granules as naturally as possible. Partly because of this, our product is completely soluble in water and does not leave any traces of irritation for both humans and cats.

The Catuals scent granules are available in different quantities, so you can choose from 500 grams & 1000 grams. Depending on the intensity with which the litter box is used, you can do about 5/6 weeks with the 500 grams of Catuals scent granules.

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