Payment options:

At Catuals you have the option to choose from different payment methods, including iDeal, Bancontact, Google pay, Apple pay, and credit card (MasterCard, VISA or other mayor). We deliver orders within the Netherlands and Belgium free of charge to your home. The products are delivered within 1-3 business days.

Is Catuals soluble/biodegradable

Yes, Catuals is completely soluble in water/by secretion in the litter box

Catuals (not) suitable for consumption?

No, despite the deodorizer being 100% organic, catuals is not edible. We advise against this at all times, for both people and animals and we do not support this use. Only use for odor control in the litter box!

Is Catuals available in the pet store?

Yes, soon you will find the Catuals store locator on www.catuals.com or inquire about Catuals in your pet store.

Customer service
Do you have questions about your order? Would you like to return a product? Or do you have a specific question about a product? Customer service is happy to answer your questions, mail your question to support@catuals.com and we aim to respond within two hours.

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